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With an Exposure Rate of 97%, HealthySole Plus is shown to kill up to 99% of exposed Deadly organisms on the bottom of shoes. Extensive testing pending for complete kill rates.

First chemical free UVC germicidal light system to kill and eliminate up to 99.9% of disease causing organisms on the soles of shoes. By decreasing the overall microbial load on the floors of a healthcare facility, HealthySole Plus significantly decreases aerosolization, migration, transfer and infection rates to create a much cleaner and safer environment. The HSPlus is an ongoing ACTIVE system that continuously eliminates dangerous organisms without interruption!

Both the CDC and American Journal of Infection Control strongly acknowledge that the cost and burden of HAIs in the healthcare arena, heavily outweighs the cost of multifaceted HAI prevention programs. If investments towards these programs does not continue to be a focus, and new technology is not used in part, the cost and human welfare will continue to be threatened in the healthcare industry.

Currently HAI’s are the 4th leading killer with nearly 100,000 people dying in the US each year, and the estimated overall direct additional annual cost of HAIs ranges from $28-$45 Billion. The average treatment cost to the hospital exceeds $15,000 and can significantly increase upwards of $150,000 per patient according to several studies done relating to the healthcare cost of HAIs.

The cost to treat one HAI is equivalent to the cost of between 4-40 HealthySole Plus units implemented in your healthcare facility!
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